Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Garbage Kanza

 This ride was an idea I had a few months ago- really had to wait for the good weather but the wait was worth it. With only a week to go until the Eroica California the newly assembled 'Cycles Heroic' team gathered for an all day excursion of Monterey and San Benito counties took shape in the parking lot of a market in San Juan Bautista.
 The ride was originally set to go over a dirt road to the Salinas valley but the previous few days of rain scuttled that plan-instead we headed over the venerable San Juan Grade to the old stage road. We had a wine and cookies stop at Amanda's parents house-then it was south to Gonzales and Gloria road- the one dirt stretch on the route.
 Gloria road is a sandy track that rises about 2,000 ft. above the Salinas valley. This is a pretty tough climb on a modern bike but doubly so on a '70's road bike with tall gearing. I think we all got a good workout on this one and by the time we reached the summit most people were out of food and water.The group broke up predictably on the climb and again on the descent but on Hwy. 25 it was 'Trasho-compatto' again.
The next stop with any store was Paicines, down Hwy. 25 about 20 miles. It was into the wind but the headwind was thankfully not that bad and there were many riders to help with the pace. The remaining 18-odd miles back to San Juan got pretty speedy to the end so after the ride it was decided that a big Mexican meal at El Jardine was the call. 14 of us invaded the place and spent nearly two hours replenishing the 2600 calorie deficit from the lengthy days ride. This coming weekend the same cast of characters will be in Paso Robles, drinking Chardonnay and racking up the vintage casual coastal experience on the ride with the greatest number of bike collectors on the continent.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Very small aluminum CX frame for bay area rider

 This is probably the smallest 700c wheel CX frame I have built in aluminum. It is going to be raced and I hope that the owner finds it to be the right tool for the job . I had to order the tiny head tube from Italy-I got a few of them so I will have them on hand for more tiny frames.
 This one weighs in at 2 lb. 15 oz. so it should build up to be a very light bike. The frame will be fitted to an Enve CX fork and the build will be a 1X shifting setup. I'll be hoping to have some photos of the built bike in the coming weeks.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Aluminum MTB tandem

 Didn't know that I made tandems ? Well, that is understandable as I have only made 9 so far. The last one I built was about 14 years ago-I don't have any of my old tandem jig stuff so I had to make some tooling for the newer jig. The process of figuring all this stuff out was really interesting-it was a challenge and proved very frustrating at times but I think the end result will be really good.
 The fame isn't quite done as all the guides and the brake mount and braces are yet to be welded on. I figured that this frame is pretty much a prototype so a photo of the not-yet-finished product was proper. This is the first aluminum tandem of my career and I'm sure that there will be more. This one is for a 160 mm shock fork and is a 29er.
My next one will be a gravel tandem and I will make a steel fork with a tapered steerer for it. I have not seen one yet so it might be up to me to be on the cutting edge of this kind of bike-even if I never sell one. I just think it would be a fun thing to ride so I might as well build one-especially after working out all the bugs on this one.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Last of the red-hot Schnozolas !

 This is one entirely built in Bruce's shop-except for the fork which was built in my shop. This bike will fit someone 6'1". I have had it since Bruce closed his shop at the end of last month. I really need the room so Bruce and I decided to power the price to $ 2,900. The original price of the bike at the handbuilt show was $ 4,500. The bike has not been ridden and has Bruce's last set of cantilever brakes and racks. This is a one-of-a-kind bike that was built by two of the oldest and most experienced builders on the planet. It's a steal. Call me at 831-429-8010 or email me at paul@rocklobstercycles.com if you are interested.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

7005 race CX frame for Portland

This frame has a new style head tube-the lower is 56 mm so the frame can take a King headset instead of the usual drop-in integrated setup on most of my aluminum race frames. This large frame might benefit  from the more robust wall in the head tube-not that any others have failed...it's just a basic truth in frame building that thicker tube walls are stronger.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Three steel gravel frames for Huntington Beach, Calif.

 This is my tig SL CX model , this time with painted-to-match Enve CX forks. All three of these are going to a shop in Huntington Beach, Calif.I'm hoping that these folks will have a fun time shredding in the So-Cal hills.

aluminum gravel frames for Bishop, Calif.

 This is a his and hers matching set of 7005 aluminum gravel frames with Enve forks. These frames will not only see some high-desert duty but will probably be on many cross-country adventures. The frames are very light and should feel easy to pedal on the rough stuff.