Friday, September 30, 2011

7005 'cross frame bound for Kansas

This frame features the new gussett that will be a new part of all my aluminum and scandium cyclocross frames. The goal of this small triangle of plate is to re-enforce the area of the bike that tends to fail the soonest. Now perhaps the rider will get an additional few seasons out of the chainstay......or the bike will break somewhere else-I guess time will tell. I don't have a big problem with chainstays breaking on bikes but the few I have seen got me to thinking that maybe I could do something about it and save myself some work in the future.
Increasingly people are asking for road cable routing on their cyclocross bikes. I'm not one to argue with what people want as long as they are sane, or at least sincere. I have known some insane people who are very ethical .
Here's another view where you can see the new feature in all of it's tiny glory.

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